Saturday Toothpaste Run

Today we went to our local Kroger store, Gerbes.  We had preordered 100 of the Crest toothpaste and Indicator toothbrushes.  We have coupons for the Crest .75 off each tube, our store doubles, so they are free.  The toothbrushes are $1.00 coupons, and they are on sale for $1, again, free.

Did I mention that we had already picked up 200 of each last week?  mmhmm.  Already donated those to our local foodbank.  People will have clean teeth in our area!

While we were out, went to our Walmart and price matched the AirWick air freshner kits for $4 to match with the $4 coupons, making them free.  Bought about 30 of those so far.  Still have 40 coupons to go. 

Socks at Target are wonderful.  They were on sale this week for $4 a package, when you buy 4 packages, you get a $5 giftcard.  Well, I have a printable Target coupon for $1 any Hanes and a manufactures coupon for $2 off Hanes.  So, that makes each package of socks $1 and when you factor in the giftcard for 4 packages, it makes them FREE and you get $1.  I think total this week we have bought over 40 packages of socks.  We have some for donation, some in the dressers, and some packed up for the winter and next spring. 

Scissors this week at our Schnucks (grocery store) are the Scotch scissors for $1 each.  We had over 40 coupons for them, and we went in to buy them and just got a box from the store, which when we opend it, had the tearpads for the scissors.  So, now we have 60 more free scissors to go grab.  (wonder if they will give us the boxes again…)


All in all a great day.  Didn’t make it to Kmart, but I will get there next time.


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